Botulinum toxins Training and Dermal Filler Certification

Advanced Medical Aesthetics Certification

Botox Training

Trained now to become a Botox and Dermal Filler cosmetic nurse injector

 This  comprehensive 1-day hands on course in Botulinum toxinA cosmetics is open to medical professionals only. Participants will go over facial muscles anatomy, various  injection techniques in various facial muscles including; the glabellar, frontales, crows feet, marionette lines, gummy smile, masseter, and treating hyperhydrosis. patient examination and facial analysis and treatment of complications, Botulinum toxins a dilution methods. Preparation and  storage will also be covered. Participants will receive a certificate  upon successful completion of the training .

This course is open to Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Practical Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Physicians,  Respiratory Therapists, and Dentists.

Course duration 8 hours plus 8 hours of pre reading materials

This course can be combined with the dermal filler certification.

Dermal Filler Certification

Trained now for the Dermal Filler Certification

 This is a comprehensive 1-day training course for dermal fillers. The training will  cover major HA dermal fillers currently in use such as; Restylane,  Revaesse, Teosayal, and Stylage, Croma,  Special emphasis will be placed on  precise injection techniques, facial anatomy, facial nerve blocks for  dermal fillers, patient selection, and examination, treatment of  complications and contraindication, pain control techniques for dermal filler injection, and preparation and storage of  dermal fillers

Demonstrate correct injections  methods when injection products in different areas of the face.

Upon successful completion of this training participants will receive the dermal filler certification.

This course is open to Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioner, Registered  Practical Nurses, Physician/Overseas physicians, Respiratory therapist, and  Dentists only.

 Course duration 8 hours plus 4 hours of pre reading materials

Cosmetic Laser Certification

Trained now for a career in cosmetic laser treatment

 This comprehensive 1 day course. This extensive and hands on laser training includes all necessary medical grounds to safely and effectively perform laser and the use of using the intense pulse light laser system -IPL as  a treatment tool in treating various hair and skin disorders including skin re-juvenation, laser hair removal, pigmented lesions, vascular  treatments and acne treatment.

This program is open to Nurses,  Registered practical nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians and dentists only.

 Upon completion of this course the student will be awarded the cosmetic laser certificate.

Micro Dermabrasion Certification

Trained now in providing micro dermabrasion treatment

This 1 day hands on medical microdermabrasion training  is a  safe,non-surgical resurfacing procedure

performed by a certified professional

It is an ideal treatment for young or old,

male or female and for all skin types.

Although mainly used on the facial area it

may also be performed on the chest, back,

shoulders or other areas as required.

Medical microdermabrasion is an effective

skin rejuvenation procedure that requires

no downtime, allowing patients to resume

normal activities immediately after the

procedure. The procedure is extremely

popular because it is painless yet effective

with minimal redness, swelling or irritation.

Ability to safely perform this procedure , indication using mask as an exfoliation methods  will be taught
This course is open to registered nurses, registered practical nurses, physician, physician assistant only.

This course is also open to nurses who have completed the Botox and Dermal filler certificate course.
As part of this  training you will have the opportunity to practice skills learn during this course.. 

Student will be expect to purchase a supplies kit prior to attendance of  this course.

Chemical Peel Certification

Become a medical aesthetic nurse


The 1 day Chemical Peels Training course, the participant should show proficiency in:

• Describing the anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of aging skin.

• Identifying differences and similarities of various chemical peels.

• Various indications, side effects, and contraindications of chemical peels.

• The Fitzpatrick Skin Classifications.

• Determining which chemical peel is best for the client

• How to combine chemical peels with other aesthetic procedure to enhance results.

• How to treat melasma, acne scars, photo-aged skin, post inflammatory  

hyperpigmentation, and acne breakouts.

• Listing safety issues, complications, assessing indications and 

contraindications for treatment,  and proper treatment protocols. 



1. Question - Is the Botox and Dermal fillertraining, chemical peel, micro dermabrasion, and laser course course can be taken in parts or as a whole as the Advanced Medical Aesthetics Certificate.

Answer - Yes it can be taken in parts or in the complete 5 courses over 5  days . 

Most clinicians take the Botox and  Dermal filler certification which will be sufficient if they  want to performs cosmetic injectable treatments only. 

2. Question - Do I need a medical director to provide me with a medical directive  to inject the injectable products.

Answer- Yes,  If you complete the course you will be able to join the cosmetic nurse injector group and  we will be able to provide you a linkage to a nurse practitioner who will be able to provide you with the medical directive and writing of the prescription for you to inject your client.   

For further information if you are interested in taking any of the courses please contact us by filling out the online form and email us and we will follow up with you 


1. Question - Is the Botox and Dermal Filler-training, chemical peel, micro dermabrasion, and laser course course can be taken in parts or as a whole as the Advanced Medical Aesthetics Certificate. 

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